Everyone loves a love song!

Posted on October 18, 2010

Tired of hearing the same songs at all the weddings you attend? Want your wedding to be unique and personal? We at Dance! Shout! Productions, are committed to bringing you the latest, greatest and most heart tugging love songs around!

A charming and ‘adorable’ song, from an amazing new artist. You will be clapping your hands, tapping your toes, and thinking about your sweetheart.

I Do Adore – Mindy Gledhill

Get ready to have your heart strings tugged. Released in 2005, this song continues to perfectly capture the warmth, affection and acceptance of true love.

The First Day Of My Life – Bright Eyes

Also to come this week:

Photobooths – Experience your wedding in a whole new way!
Event Consultation – How can this help your evening run smoothly?

Erin Cathcart
Dance! Shout! Productions

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